Claud of Comfort

Product made of PE intertwined nonwoven

  • breathable antibacterial material – the material is resistant to humidity increase inside, so that the mold itself cannot grow – this makes Cloud of Comfort a material with high performance properties while maintaining the highest standards of permeability and hygiene
  • water resistance thanks to which water does not soak into the material, moreover it dries quickly and is easy to keep it clean while maintaining the highest human ecological parameters, without losing flexibility, health properties and lightness
  • antiallergic properties – the absence of fabric dust makes the material resistant to the development of mites, which significantly affects the possibilities of its use
  • durability, with a high level of comfort – due to its unique physical and mechanical properties, the material is very light, and extremely durable, it makes it easy to carry and use. It is perfect not only for the production of mattresses, but also for baby prams and medical pillows
  • certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE no. HK / B / 1178/01/2017
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